MJX X600 - the first budget outdoor hexa that returns without GPS

15 March 2016 at 11:27

In the previous article I was writing about a small and cheap ($30) hexacopter MJX X800, which I really liked. So, today I want to talk about his older brother - MJX X600. This model is lager, has more interesting features like returning home, however, the price is almost the same. Let’s see how MJX managed to make it.




Compared with MJX X800


Remotes compared


In terms of appearance this hexa has one significant advantage – longer rear legs help to understand its orientation.


Flight time: about 10 minutes
Charging time: about 120 minutes
Size: 38 x 42.5 x 6 cm
Battery: 7.4V 700 mAh
Flight range: 150 meters


Headless mode
In this mode the copter is positioning itself with a compass and remembers the orientation it had during take-off. So, regardless to the current position the drone will move back to you if the right stick is pushed backwards.

One key return
In addition, in the headless mode you can activate an “automated returning” by pressing a button under the left index finger. Here it is necessary to take into account that the drone doesn’t consider neither the height, nor the distance to the point of take-off. So it will just foolishly fly backwards even after passing over the starting point, which means that you need to take control at the last moment.

Here I am testing this feature.

"Lost signal" action
Some manufacturers forget about this problem, but the guys from MJX thought through every detail. Thus, if you turn off the remote or fly too far away, MJX X600 will start to descend slowly (unfortunately, without holding against the wind).

Completely the same as in X800. Either flip by pressing a button, or an automatic one in the “crazy” mode.

Traditionally, here is a 6-axis stabilization system, which provides a stable flight. My friends, who tried flying for the first time, had no problems with controls.


Nothing special, just the most necessary: drone, remote, USB-charger, user manual in English, 6 spare props and one battery.


Additionally, you can order a spare battery for $7 and for FPV fans - the newest 720P camera with the broadcast on your phone for $30.


Remote control


I would like to underline some interesting features of the remote.

1. Simple switching between Mode1/Mode2 (throttle on the left/right stick)
2. Hovering level adjustment with “throttle mode” sliders
3. Maximum throttle adjustment
4. And of course, here is a «One key return» button, which will help to return a lost drone


After playing with the younger brother I was expecting a lot here, but still was surprised by the amount of new features in this drone. And they come along with a solid body, 150 flight range and up to 10 minutes flight times.
Altogether, the MJX 600 is a good choice both for outdoors and indoors.

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