Beast quadcopter with a video broadcast - WLtoys V666 FPV

16 March 2016 at 10:54

In the world of quadcopters fans the WLtoys company and its V666 model is well known, therefore, we arranged a private test of the full version with a 1080p camera and an FPV monitor. So, batteries charged, a large field is found, a good weather is ordered – let’s go.


A fully assembled drone waits for you in a pretty large box.

All you need to start- is to insert 4 AA-batteries (traditionally not included) into the remote and to connect the quadcopter’s battery. That’s it, sticks up and fly.


One battery lasts for up to 10 minutes. The height limit is about 150 meters so, with a real-time picture on the monitor you will see what previously only birds could see.


The foam body of the drone brings several effects into flying. Firstly, foam copes with its destiny and protects both the copter from obstacles and obstacles from the copter. Also it decreases the wind resistivity, however the drone is quite powerful and compensates it well. An additional effect is that if you drop the throttle, the quadcopter will not fall like a stone but will start some kind of floating. This gives you a couple more seconds to react in any emergency case. Though, don’t forget that the wind has its own plans for this floating : )
Besides that, the foam has another advantage - it is seen very well.


Even being a hundred meters away you see what the quadcopter is doing.


I did not try to shoot an artistic and smooth video. Mainly because there was no much hope high quality. For this money we get a camera good enough for FPV.
Here I made 11 flips in a row (be careful, it may hurt):

However, it turned out that the video quality is not so bad, I am planning make a couple of beautiful spans over the equestrian center next time.
It is worth noting that the picture on a monitor looks decent if the sun does not shine straight into it.



Flight Distance: about 150 meters
Flight time: 10 minutes
Battery: 7.4V 1200mAh
Engines: brushed
Charging time: about 2 hours
Camera Resolution: 1080p
Flips: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Age limit: 14+
Material: metal, plastic, foam
Package weight: 2.2 kg
Package size: 58 x 58 x 17 cm


Package contents

- Quadcopter V666
- Remote Control
- Battery 7.4V 1200mAh
- Stabilizing plate with suspension dampers (without electronics, of course)
- 5.8G FPV monitor
- 4GB MicroSD card and a card reader
- Charger
- 4 spare propellers



About a year ago, this quadcopter could only be found for $ 170 or more, and today you can buy for around $100 on Gearbest.


I can say for sure that the drone worth its money: large, strong, with a camera, a monitor and it really flies well. Fast enough, especially if you remove the foam shell (then it will also be able to carry a GoPro for better videos). Moreover, this model is very popular, so you will easily find any spares from batteries and motors to a new FPV camera.

However I would not recommend V666 for children. It can be really dangerous and hurt your kid. Fly carefully and in the right place then all will be fine.

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