Tiny but powerfull hexacopter under 20$ - MJX X901

14 April 2016 at 18:09
Recently I talked about the first two models presented by MJX company, which were surprisingly pleasing. In MJX X800 engineers implemented the controls by tilting of the remote and MJX X600 can return home without GPS. And this time they decided tosurprise us with the size and cost by releasing a tiny hexa for just 18 bucks. Meet MJX X901.


The copter, remote control, charger and spare blades all fit into this small box.


The battery is built-in, so we insert the connector plug and in about 30 minutes the drone is ready.


The remote is powered by two AAA batteries, doesn’t require much power and lasts long.


It has just 2 buttons and 2 sticks. The buttons are needed for adjusting the sticks, so that the hexa doesn't drift. And a left stick itself can be pressed in order to change the flight modes. I will come to those later.


The copter is quite stable, due to the 6-axis stabilization system and 6 rotors.


This tiny drone has surprisingly many options like flips and different speed levels. Regimes are switched by pressing on the left stick. Each has an own sound indication – from 1 to 3 beeps. A traditional for MJI mad regime - three signals. In this mode the copter is doing a flip once the stick is pushed till the end, so you have to be careful. Two beeps – normal mode where the drone is still quite fast. And one signal – learning mode with decreased accelerations.


Battery: 3.7V 180mAH
Flight time: about 5 minutes
Charging time: 30 minutes
Length / Width: 86 mm
Height: 20mm


Stable flight, variable speed, flips and solid body – this makes MJX X901 really interesting, especially considering that it costs $ 18.89.
Personally, I consider this as an indoor copter. It will easily fit into a pocket, so you can take it to your friends place for some racing. However, there are lots of videos with MJX X901 outdoors. It flies well, just don’t forget a huge risk of losing it in the grass.

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