MJX X800 - a hexacopter with amazing features for 29.99$

01 March 2016 at 10:36
I thought that it is already difficult to make me surprised with those tiny drones, but was hooked by MJX X800 description and ordered it. Being not familiar with MJX company was not expecting to get an outstanding product for $29.99.

However, I was wrong. The MJX company tries their best to make a good reputation. X800 has great design and assembly, high-quality plastic and interesting flight regimes.



So it looks in the box

In pre-flight state

And here is the remote control. On the right you see the one from Syma X13, a review of which I will publish soon.


Flight time: about 8 minutes
Charging time: about 90 minutes
Size: 21 x 21 x 5 cm
Battery: 3.7V 750mAh (for comparison, 500mAh in Syma X5SW)
Flight range: about 150 meters



Gravity control
The most interesting function is the drone control by tilting the remote.To switch from the normal mode you have to use the right stick. Push it to the right and wait for a signal.


Backlight control
With the button under the right index finger you can turn the backlight on/off. This can save you a tiny piece of charge or help you to hide the copter in the sky from unwanted eyes.

Two red lights are on the back.

Speed regimes
There are 3 flight modes: low, medium and high (crazy). The mode switching is placed very interestingly - together with the power button. All signed: L, M, H - so it will be difficult to mix. In L (low) it is good to learn the controls, M (medium) is perfect for normal flights, and H (crazy) brings completely new feelings as along with increased speed the drone makes a flip ones the stick is all the way pushed. This makes flying quite complicated. I am going to return to this mode in my next article about MJX.


In L and M modes flips activated by pressing the button under the left index finger and pushing the right stick in the desired direction.

6-axis stabilization system is able to pull it out of any situation, if you are at least 3 meters from the ground. Moreover, six propellers, working in balance together, provide a smooth flight.

Package contents

It is not rich, though has all what is needed. Especially I was pleased with 6 spare props. Some manufacturers forget about these little things and then the copter can stay long on the shelf missing some spares.



I can say that MJX company entered the market with a successful product. X800 pleases with its quality and capabilities.This is the first model, which combined the functions of the standard piloting and controling by tilting the remote.
Also the 150 meters flight range is far above the one of competitors’ (30-50 meters). Personally, I do not advise to fly so far due to the risk of losing the copter.
The only thing that did not like - is the battery fixed with the screw (!). This definitely doesn’t help to change the battery quickly. Probably, the manufacturer decided that 8 minutes of flight is enough.

However, if you are thinking about an extra battery, you can buy it here for … and then decide if you need that small lid at all.

All in all, MJX X800 turned out to be extremely versatile drone with a variety of interesting functions. You get a high quality product just for $29.99, why not to try it.

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