15 new interesting gifts

01 February 2016 at 00:59

Previously I presented a compilation of 10 interesting and affordable gifts. Today I will continue with 15 more + some bonus.

1. 30000 mAh Power Bank with a solar panel $ 12.70 (3793 liked)


This interesting device can charge all your gadgets not just once. With a capacity of 30000 mAh and a solar panel it is going to last long. So if you find yourself in a desert with a discharged mobile phone, you will not get lost :)

2. i5 Plus Smart band with a screen - $ 18.69 (5709 liked)


It is a rather useful band, which has a screen and a lot of interesting functions. Along with standard pedometer and smart alarm, the smartphone notifications and movement response are supported by this device. It is very convenient when the display switches on when you rise your hand. In the reviews people speak well about this device and note a high quality of materials.

3. Solar panel for a phone - $ 2.41 (1737 liked)


This device continues the story of “the phone discharged in the desert” - you can use a more compact and budget alternative, though, in this case the energy is accumulated solely and slowly in your gadget, not in the power bank.

4. Metal keychain 32GB USB stick for $ 8.10 (1793 liked)


This flash drive provides a large capacity of 32GB for an affordable price. Although, if you do not need so much, the 4, 8 or 16 GB versions cost from $ 2.61 to $ 4.13. But the most important advantage of this stick is a full metal body, which ensures the durability of the device.

5. Mobile endoscope for an Android phone - $ 18.19 (1845 liked)


If you like to investigate hidden problems in your water pipes or car on your own, this handy waterproof endoscope is for you. The camera at the end of the 3.5 m cable transfers a real-time video to your smartphone. The endoscope also features backlight diodes which provide a large variety of applications.

6. Original DIY wall clock - $ 7.99

A useful clock kit for creative people. You can think about introducing some colors or a backlight in order to make them unique and fascinating.

7. EasyCast 5G - $ 17.86 (2344 liked)

With this device you get a convenient way to display the content from the smartphone, tablet or laptop on your TV. In the office it will provide an extremely convenient possibility of a wireless connection to the beamer during presentations an reports.

8. USB voltmeter - $ 3.49 (2241 liked)

This device is suitable both for USB 2.0 and for 3.0, so you will always know the output voltage with it. The reviews indicate precise measurements and a high production quality.

9. 300Mbps XiaoMi Mi WiFi Router - $ 16.04 (1816 liked)


This compact router provides up to 300MB/s speed with 802.11b/n/g protocols; LAN, WAN and Micro USB interfaces. Reviewers assure of good materials quality and an adequate performance. Well done, Xiaomi.

10. Foldable Wireless Mouse - $ 7.14 (1091 liked)

The mouse weighs 51 grams, provides 1600DPI resolution, and a wireless coverage is up to 10 meters. In general, it represents a fairly standard set, except for the function of folding in the middle for easy tranportation. Available in red, black and gray.

11. Compact Wireless Keyboard - $ 12.86 (873 liked)

This keyboard looks like an Apple device, but without unnecessary buttons. Simple and durable due to metal body.

12. Keyboard silicone cover - $ 1.91 (8790 liked)

I would advice a silicone cover for those who like cleanliness and order on their desks. It will save the keyboard from crumbs, as well as from coffee.

13. Smartwatch with a SIM card - $ 25.87 (10435 liked)


This product is a little beyond the 20-dollar limit, but I really want to tell you about it. Being totally independent from your smartphone this smartwatch allows you to write sms messages, receive calls, and do many other things that are not available for the absolute majority of smart watches. Moreover, this exact model is the most frequently bought.

14. Solar-powered mouse - $ 13.16 (529 liked)

Have you faced a situation when your wireless mouse was discharged? This little mouse will help you to forget about this problem, because it is constantly charging both from natural and artificial light.

15. Hexacopter JJRC H20 - $ 17.89 (2668 liked)

In conclusion, I offer you a mini-hexacopter from JJRC. This company is known for it copters with fair quality/price ratio. Unfortunately, I had yet no opportunity to test this hexa myself, but reviewers note a good crash resistance, so JJRC H20 is exactly suitable for an evening entertainment.

And a promised bonus: Just a hat for $ 9.12


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