10 gifts for men under 20$

23 January 2016 at 13:44

Looking for an unusual geeky present for the Saint Valentine's day or birthday of your friend? I have picked some interesting options. Want one for yourself? Just add it to your wishlist and perhaps you will get something more interesting than new socks.

So here we go:

1. Smart band of the smart money - Xiaomi Mi Band 1S for $ 17.20 (4151 liked)


You will not find a better fitness band for this money. No surprise that Xiaomi was able to sell over 10 million bracelets of the first generation. Seemed impossible to make anything better for this price, but now they have added a heart rate monitor while keeping the device simple, durable, waterproof and cheap.

2. MicroUSB magnetic charger - 7.59 $ (293 liked)


Firstly introduced by Apple, the magnetic charging adapter is coming now to all devices with microUSB. Don’t risk your phone any more. The wire will detach if somebody accidentally pulls it.

3. The smallest hexacopter in the world - MJX X901 for $ 16.90 (1293 liked)


This hexacopter deserves a separate article. Generally speaking, the drone worth its cost, since you get quite stable flying and an ability to make flips.

4. Wireless Earphone - $ 7.42 (572 liked)


This tiny bluetooth earphone looks like a real spy gadget. Listen to music unnoticed or use it as a backup on an important exam. Also available in skin color.

5. 3D glasses - $ 9.59 (1940 liked)


Among a variety of products RITECH Virtual Reality 3D Glasses II show the optimal price/quality ratio. This is already a second, improved version of glasses, much more comfortable and easily adjustable to the optimal distance between the eyes. Still the price remained within $10. Works with 3.5-6 inches phones. However, if you just want to play around once, the cardboard version is only $1.39

6. Levitating planet for $ 17.98 (1233 liked)


Probably, each geek knows the "magic" utilized in this gadget. Still the levitating planet on your desk will look just spectacular.

7. Stereo Bluetooth-headset - $ 7.99 (2288 liked)


This compact and lightweight headset gives you 5 hours of music nonstop

8. Flash card for your Android-Gadget to 16GB for $ 3.80 (1556 liked)


An extremely convenient way to share files among all your devices in offline regime. I think that everyone should rather have this stick instead of a standard one as the second port doesn't affect the price and the size.

9. USB flash drive for your Apple-gadget to 16GB for $ 12.67 (841 liked)


With Apple devices it is also possible to plug in a USB flash drive and access the files on it through a special application. However, for some reason the price differs by more than 5 times. A cheaper option would be an adapter for $ 5.56.

10. Smart bulb 9.19 $ (2101 liked)


This is not only an energy saving LED bulb but also a smart device full of interesting and useful functions. Controlled from android or iOS via bluetooth 4.0 it lets you to adjust the brightness, change the color temperature, make disco-lights for your music, use it as smart alarm and etc. Check this video to see all capabilities:


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